S.C. PETROSERV S.A. performs repair works for drilling equipment, under the certification of the OMV PETROM SA. Pressure tests are done on a special stand equipped with a 15.000 psi pump and a diagram register gauge.

Our whole activity is subordinated to ensuring the quality of repairs, quickness in solving the problems and, last but not least, professional and technical performances.

S.C. PETROSERV S.A. Constanta is a strong company in full development process, with a dynamic management, able to become a real business partner on the internal market, as well as anywhere in the world.

Specific works:

  • Repair and pressure tests for different blow out preventers (ram, annular);
  • Repair and pressure tests for drilling and production valves up to 15.000 psi;
  • Repairs of the drilling mud pumps, top drive units;
  • Repair of the rotary heads, rotary tables, cementing units;
  • Testing and repairs of drill pipes, casing tongs, rotary wrenches, elevators;
  • The nondestructive electromagnetic testing of the drill pipes body, hauling tests and interior pressure for drill pipes.